Our medium to large sizeshowerheads and curved water spray plates provide gentle yet full-bodied water flows.  

The AS-9000RB model in matt black is a refined yet simple design. The showerheads in this model effectively increase the water pressure and save water. You can conveniently enjoy a spa-type massage at your home as the water that flows through our showerheads is full of delicate aromas and vitamin C. Our flagship model, the AS-9000RB is immensely popular across the world.  

Aroma Sense shower head
Aroma therapy

With the aroma oil and vitamin C, you can enjoy your shower to the fullest.

Removal of residual chlorine

As vitamin C in the Aroma Sense filters removes more than 98% of the residual chlorine found in tap water, you can shower with clean water.

Vitamin C shower

The amount of vitamin C contained in the filter is equivalent to 3,000 lemons. The vitamin C in our filters has been concentrated according to a cutting-edge production process. After the concentrate is put in a capsule, nearly 0.6~1.2mg of vitamin C per one liter of water oozes while you are taking a shower.

Effect of water saving

Our patented water spray plates enable you to use up to 15-30% less water while still providing that refreshing spa massage sensation.

Anion shower

It also emits approximately 421,000 negative ions per 1CC of water, and its high water pressure gives you the chance to get lost in a big fog shower.

Antibacterial effect and removal of rust

The antimicrobial ceramic balls in our showerheadseffectively remove harmful colon bacillus and germs generally found in the water. These filters which are made of felt successfully eliminate any foreign substances and rust.


Filters Aroma Vitamin C filter, Anti bacteria Ceramic ball filter, Micro fabric filter
Model AS-9000RB
Weight 360g
Color Matt Black
Size W 8.0cm X L 6.3cm X H 27.8cm / Head diameter : 8cm